It doesn't matter if you're an influencer, a coach, an entrepreneur, a CEO, an international business owner, a fitness instructor, a parent, or you just want to supercharge your life, I can support you

I work with highly accomplished and brilliant individuals to help them create from a depth of their being that is so powerful, so magnificent, so magical, that they can hardly believe it's them. 

There's a wisdom contained deep within your body. It's time to draw it out. It's time to change your world, from the inside out. 
COACHING: When I meet someone interested in coaching I get curious about two things:

  • What is the deepest most powerful desire hidden within you?
  • What's getting in the way of you taking that on in your life, right now?
Once you've powerfully defined your edge, I help you see a way to get beyond it, right now.

Exponential change happens in an instant!

The idea that change has to take forever is a myth. To live an exceptional life, you have to be willing to live differently than the rest of the world.

I know you know what I'm talking about...

The caliber of performance you've committed yourself to living shows in everything you do. From your daily routine to your performance habits, your life is an artfully crafted sequence of meaningful activities and supportive behaviors. 

You see, to get past your next level of growth and achievement, you have to be open to the possibility that what's gotten you here isn't going to be what takes you there. All it takes is a millimeter shift, a fraction of a percent of you, to completely change your life and allow the next big thing into your world. 

The Nervous System Holds The Key
To Unlock
Your Full Potential.

The body is a whole system. Each piece works in conjunction with the next to support your safety, survival, and success. Somatic Awareness cultivates and develops your personal awareness, similar to the use of mindfulness techniques. 

In this presence base process, you will learn how to activate your “Wakeful Witness” as well as foundational tools to create the new neural pathways necessary for powerful shifts in your life. 

We will focus on awakening your inner “Witness” so that biological integration occurs. This integration is paramount for decreasing your disconnection from certain "parts" of your Self and bringing a return to your state of well being. 

The body has the power to create massive change in an instant— it's a matter of learning the right tools to assist it along the way.

Somatic Awareness is one of those tools.

The nervous system is the key to the body's ability to properly function. When it's running in a state of coherence and balance, you will find that profound and rapid healing is possible for you.
When you're ready to fully dive into living the most powerful version of yourself, here are some ways that I can support you:
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