Before Will came into my life I felt disillusioned, disheartened, and jaded by the personal development/transformational industry. Yet, through my work with Will my experience of reality has fundamentally transformed and I believe—for the first time in my life—that I actually have the power and capacity to affect change in my life. I am witnessing as I and my life evolve in remarkable ways including more money, more joy, more opportunity, more authenticity, more love, more confidence and more play. What I love about working with Will is that change isn’t just a concept, but an actual experience. My life is changing in unimagined ways—and yours can too, thanks to Will.


Ken Fried

Certified Professional Coach, Engineer, Ancestral Alchemist, Author, Speaker, Somatic Embodiment Practitioner

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Private Coaching

Deep 1:1 coaching leads you on a powerful journey of transformation – from the inside out. Coupled with insightful inquiry, this unique process takes you on a journey of exploration into powerful new ways of seeing yourself and your world.

Self Leadership

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Coach Mentorship

Specifically designed for successful, knowledgeable, and working coaches, this 1-year, or longer, intensive mentorship program will support you in learning to apply the techniques of Somatic Awareness to your already masterful coaching.

Powerful Technique

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Somatic Awareness

Your nervous system directly controls your experience of the world. By tapping into your body's natural control system you have the power to get incredible results in your life, business, and leadership – quickly and permanently.

Somatic Embodiment

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"As a trained therapist and coach myself, my bar is very high for the coaches that I choose to work with. Having worked with various coaches in different capacities over the years, Will is someone who stands out above everyone. As someone who is leading a large startup organization, having Will for support, challenge, and encouragement was wonderful."


Val Groth

Business Coach & Founder of The Ryan Banks Academy

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