Hey! My name is Will Rezin. I’m an expert in helping people transform their life and career through deep, powerful inner work.

It's not by chance that I’ve found myself where I am today. My life has been rich in deeply transformational experiences, fueled by my excitement to learn how to master both my inner and outer world.

I’ve dedicated my life to understanding the science and philosophy of what motivates people, their behavior, and what creates the most extraordinary shifts in their lives.

TRANSFORMATION: All change occurs from the INSIDE-OUT. Everything begins and ends inside of you, in your body, in your 'SOMA'. While the mind is a powerful tool, it is merely an interpreter of the systems which guide and direct your journey in this world.

What is the extraordinary vision
that's driving my soul?

Since I can remember I've been fascinated with the origin of our species. 

As a child, I can remember constantly asking why something was, how things were created/grew, what guided people to their decisions...and so on. 

Little did my parents know that when they gave me the middle name "REZIN" (pronounced REE–Zin) my life would be fueled so deeply by a need to understand the inner workings of everything. 

You see, I have always deeply desired to understand...
People, history, culture, literature, mystism, philosophy, science, nothing has been off limits during my journey.

This desire has continued to move and drive my soul towards its purpose– Helping you to connect with your deepest depths and create the most powerful and complete YOU.

My thirst for understanding has led me on many journeys, both inward and outward. 

I have traveled to remote areas of the Amazon Jungle driven by a thirst for personal development and inner exploration. 

While there, I discovered the depths of my soul.
I explored my personality. I explored my consciousness. I explored what made me, me.

...and I witnessed how far my body could actually stretch without breaking, how strong I am.

With the help of many healers, plants, Magik, ritual, and a complete conviction to my own transformation, I found a path that led to me...to my deepest and most pure self, to the origin of all creation, in this present moment.

I discovered my Soul.
All of Creation Exists IN THIS MOMENT.
I bring 20+ years of studying ancient and esoteric teachings into my work. Everything I do in life is through the filter of symbolism. 

My fascination with hidden knowledge has led to learning about some of the most obscure sacred teachings on the planet. 

Through my years of study I have found that almost every culture, in one way or another, has come to a similar conclusion... 

The key to changing the world is in your heart, in your body, in your nervous system

Mastery begins within the self and it's my mission to help You develop yourself.

I have studied and consumed 100’s of ancient manuscripts on magic, mysticism, esoteric arts, human development, science, alchemy, cultural traditions, archetypal symbolism, astrology, and human behavior.

During a two and a half year apprenticeship, I spent 45 days living with some of the most amazing teachers I have had the pleasure of working with to-date. This was part of an exclusively customized program that they created for me. 

Over the past 10 years I have studied human behavior through the lens of science and psychology. I regularly work along side my mother, a psychotherapist and trauma specialist, offering a wide range of deeply transformational and highly customized retreats. 
ADYTUM RETREATS: Adyta were spaces reserved for oracles, priestesses, priests, or acolytes– the elite of the elite, and not for the general public.

Go deep within, venture into the sacred...

My beautiful & extraordinarily talented partner, Aurianna Joy, and I offer custom tailored retreats for individuals and couples here in Austin Texas. 

As part of our coaching / mentorship programs (6 months – 1 year +) for influencers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, our clients have the option to take part in 1, 3, or 5 day intensives. 

These intensives are "all inclusive" with the exception of air-fare. Think beautiful setting in the Virginia mountains, private chef, deep & powerful transformational work, plenty of time in nature, yoga, hiking, and much more! For more information or details about these offerings, please send one of us an email. 
So, what would it be like to work together?
My clients have been able to:

  • Retire early
  • Successfully launch and grow their dream companies
  • Create new and profitable online programs
  • Expand their coaching businesses
  • Create powerful and influential brands
  • Land large corporate clients such as Cisco, Google, Box, Asana etc...
  • Find meaningful and enriching partnerships with their ideal "dream" mate
  • Mend broken family relationships
  • Completely transform their lives
  • Expand from $5,000–$10,000/month in revenue to Multi-Million dollar client aquisitions
  • And a whole lot more....
When working together it is not my job to make you feel good. It's my job to support you in connecting to, and expressing the deepest most powerful part of yourself. We will work together to master those parts of you, from the inside out

You will stretch yourself.
You will expand your capacity to lead.
...And I will help you to dance on the edge of possibility, harnessing the power of your inner curiosity and creativity. 

You will challenge your belief of what’s possible for yourself and your role as a leader.
I will help you to dream an even bigger dream – then bring it into the world in the HERE-AND-NOW, making it real.

You will discover the strength to create a powerful new world.
A powerful new identity.
A powerful new You.
A powerful Leader.  

If there’s one thing I know to be true from all of my experiences it is this– 
Magik is Real. Change is Possible.
Fear is the only thing that stands in the
way of living your 'impossible' dream....
Let's Make Some Magik Together!